Home Security Tips Everyone Should Know

Protecting your family and your home from those wishing to break in, violate your security, and steel your belongings is one of the most important jobs you will ever have. No one understands this better than someone who places great value on their family. However, although there is no doubt to the importance of home security, too many people ignore this aspect of personal safety. If you wish to be like many other wise homeowners wanting to upgrade their home’s security, consider the following home security tips.

Securing the Perimeter

Burglars tend to avoid homes that take too long to break into, are well lit, or make a lot of noise. For instance, if an intruder decides to target your house and while they are desperately trying to gain entry a light turns on, they will most likely run away.

One of the best home security tips anyone can put into action is locating the easiest point of entry for an unwelcome “guest.” Once you have found that easy entry point–low sitting window, side door–you can take steps to make it a little less inviting. If you have a low sitting window for example, plant some shrubbery underneath and around it; this will make the window more difficult for burglars to gain access to it. Or if your side door concerns you, install a motion detector light above it. Basically, you are trying to make a burglar’s job more difficult.

Of course, locks on windows and doors are other must do home security tips. If your locks are tough to open and very durable, it can take an upwards of five to ten minutes for an intruder to force their way in and during that time, they will probably decide the trouble and risk is not worth their time.

Also, do not forget about the ever popular alarm system. If you couple an alarm system with door and window mounts, the noise alone will be enough of a deterrent.

Concealing Valuables

Everyone has at least one valuable in their home that means a great deal to them, such as a painting or an exquisite bauble. Wherever your valuables may be located, it is best to keep them far away from windows and doors where they can easily be seen from outside of your house. This is one of the more simple home security tips. And all valuable items in your home should be documented for insurance purposes.

Other Home Security Tips

Routines are key to protecting your home from thieves. So every night before you go to bed or leave your house, check every window and door and turn on your alarm system.

If someone calls your home asking for personal information but you do not know them, never reveal any sensitive information. Also, refrain from posting your address in a classified ad.

The last on of the home security tips you should be aware of involves keys. Try your best to keep careful track of your keyring, and you should never write your home address on it. Although a keyring with an address will be easier to return to the owner who lost it, it can also give a burglar the perfect opportunity to steal from you. If you do lose your keyring and it contains your house key, your best bet is to spend extra money on having your house locks replaced.

Home Security Tips – Simple Ways To Secure Your Family and Home

Home Security Tip # 1

Open Your Eyes

It is surprising to me how many of us have tunnel vision. Tunnel vision is great for getting things done, but when you are in your neighborhood Open Your Eyes.

Do you see a stranger hanging around your neighborhood? Who is that man in the gas companies uniform, he isn’t our regular guy. Why is my neighbors dog barking again? Oh, not another alarm going off, I wish they never invented those noisy things.

Does this remind you of some one your know, maybe some one you know personally.

The bottom line is – know what is going on in your neighborhood. When you hear or see something strange report it to the authorities. I am sure you would want your neighbors to do that for you.

Home Security Tip # 2

Buy a Noisy Dog

Just like oil and water doesn’t mix. Burglars and noise don’t mix either.

The last thing a burglar wants is to draw attention to himself. If you have a dog that barks whenever a stranger is around you are in luck.

Burglars like to be real sneaky and quiet when they break in to a house. They want an easy in and a speedy get away.

The bottom line is – your dog makes a great home security system and your best friend.

Home Security Tip # 3

Use a Dead Bolt Lock on all of Your Entry Doors

According to the famous Chula Vista Residential Burglary Reduction Project:

From victim interviews, we learned that in 87% of the break-ins that occurred when intruders defeated locked doors with tools such as screwdrivers or crowbars, the burglars targeted “the one door that had no dead bolt lock”. This is a very revealing study.

The bottom line is – install dead bolt locks (with at least a one inch throw) on all of your entry doors.

Home Security Tip # 4

Lock Up Your Tools and Ladders

You feel violated when some burglar breaks in to your home. It takes time to feel safe again, if you ever do. You are more aware of everything for a while.

What is the absolute worse thing is when you find out that the burglar use your own tools to break in to your home. Read that sentence again. Then make sure all of your tools are under a secure lock and key.

The bottom line is – lock up your tools. Don’t make it easy for them.

Home Security Tip # 5

Install a Quality Home Security System

When a burglar is casing a house, he will try to find out if there is an alarm system. If there is he will usually move on to an easier target, unless he feels confident he can bypass the alarm system.

This is why it is best to pick a quality alarm system and don’t just go by price. Remember in life, you get what you pay for. With that said, the most expensive one may not be the best either.

Do your research. A great place to start is on Amazon. The reason I love Amazon is because of the reviews. Look for items that have at least 30 reviews or more, this will give you a good feel about the quality of that alarm system. If it is new, I would wait and see what others have to say.

The bottom line is – Burglars tend to skip by houses with a quality home security system.