Five Home Security Tips You Probably Never Thought Of

Home security is a complex entity with so many different facets. It is hard for most people who are not professional burglars to fully understand all that are involved in protecting homes from intruders. That is why it is helpful when former professionals agreed to do interviews for media outlets offering tips to thwart would-be burglars.

Many of the tips offered by security professionals include common sense things like:

  • installing and maintaining a home security system
  • hiring a monitoring service to complement an alarm system
  • making sure windows and doors are kept locked
  • using electronic timers and other devices when you’re away for extended amounts of time

Most of the tips we commonly hear are great advice, to be sure. However, below we have compiled five home security tips you have probably never thought of. These are tips that are not talked about much, yet they are right from the mouths of former professional burglars.

1. Fix Your Doorbell

There is a number of ways burglars case a neighborhood to find vulnerable homes. One way that is becoming increasingly more popular among small-time crooks is to impersonate a sales representative or service provider then walk through a neighborhood ringing doorbells. If a burglar rings the same doorbell without answer two or three days in a row he may assume the house is empty.

For a housewife who is home alone with a broken alarm, this is a bad situation. She could come up from the basement to find an intruder rummaging through personal belongings. Do her a favor and fix that broken doorbell.

2. Secure Those French Doors

French doors and sliding glass patio doors make the easiest points of entry for a burglar. Don’t trust factory locks or a cut down broom handle to provide you adequate security. Invest in proven security locks from a local locksmith or security equipment dealer.

3. Use Surveillance Cameras

If you have a home security system, make surveillance cameras part of your package. According to the pros, cameras are one of the things burglars fear most. If they spot a camera, they have no way of knowing where the recording equipment is, so even if they break the camera there is already evidence of them doing that much. Cameras will typically send a burglar on to easier pickings.

4. Love Your Attic

The first place in your home a professional burglar heads for is the master bedroom. That is where he is likely to find expensive items like jewelry and collectibles. One of the last places to look is in the attic or basement. That means the attic and basement are good places to hide your valuables. If you do not have an attic or basement, the professionals say the next best place is your kitchen.

5. Consider a “Yip-Yap”

Unbelievably most burglars are more concerned about small “yip-yap” dogs then large, mean looking ones. Why? Because most dogs (with the exception of trained security animals) can be placated with some sort of treat. However, smaller dogs tend to be those that just will not stop barking. Burglars hate noise; ergo they also hate little dogs that will not be quiet.

In addition to these tips, you should consider arming your home with a security system. A home security system is an excellent tool and an important component in your overall security and safety plan. Better yet, include 24/7 alarm monitoring with your security system. Monitoring provides you an extra set of eyes and ears around the clock to help keep an eye on your property.